1c hair type

What is 1C Hair Type, and how to style and care for it?

1C hair type is characterized by its straight, thick, and dense texture. It is typically smooth and has a medium to high porosity level. People with 1C hair tend to have difficulty styling and maintaining their hair, as it can be prone to frizz and flyaways. However, with the right styling techniques and hair care routine, it is possible to keep 1C hair looking healthy and stylish.

To style 1C hair type, starting with a clean and well-moisturized base is important. This can be accomplished by gently cleansing and hydrating the hair with a conditioner and sulfate-free shampoo.

To care for 1C hair type, use a deep conditioning treatment on your 1C hair once a week to help nourish and repair the hair.

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How to style 1C Hair Type? Step-by-Step procedure

Tips for styling are as under::

  • Apply sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for cleaning/ hydrating your hair.
  • Apply curl cream or leave-in conditioner to add moisture.
  • Don’t use heat styling tools
  • Use fingers or wide comb to gently detangle hair.
  • If you want to enhance your curls, you can use a curl-defining product and scrunch hair while it’s still damp.
  • Don’t use too much product.
  • Don’t brush tightly.
  • Use soft ties and avoid pulling your hair too tightly.

How to care?

Tips for caring for 1C hair type are as under:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping.
  • Don’t use hot water, as it can strip it and cause damage. Instead, use lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools frequently, as they can damage your hair. 
  • Avoid using tight hairstyles, such as ponytails and buns, as they can damage your hair.
  • Avoid brushing, as this can cause breakage.
  • Apply treatment of deep condition to hair to keep it moisturized and healthy.
  • Don’t use alcohol products as they can dry hair and damage it.
  • Trim hair regularly for growth.
  • Use brush or wide comb to detangle your hair gently.

Best Features

1C hair is a type of hair with a lot of body and bounce and is generally thick and full. Features of 1C hair include:

  • Versatility: 1C hair can be styled in many ways, like straight, wavy, and curly.
  • Strength: 1C hair is generally strong and resistant to damage, making it easy to maintain and style.
  • Natural shine: 1C hair often has a natural shine to it, which can give it a healthy, radiant appearance.
  • Density: 1C hair is typically dense and full, giving it a lot of volume and body.
  • Curl pattern: 1C hair often has a defined curl pattern, which can be enhanced using curl-enhancing products or techniques.

What are the problems with 1C Hair?

1c hair is a type of hair that is straight to slightly wavy and has a medium thickness. It may be more prone to frizz and require more moisture and nourishment to stay healthy and hydrated. Some people with 1c hair may find it difficult to style or hold a curl, but this can often be addressed with styling products and techniques specifically designed for straight hair. 

Every human’s hair is unique and may require individualized care and attention.

Can we curl 1C Hair easily?

Curling 1C hair with the right techniques and products is possible. Here are a few tips for curling 1C hair:

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Curls tend to hold better on hair that is not greasy or dirty.
  • To protect hair, use a heat protectant spray.
  • Choose the right curling tool.
  • Make of Section your hair. This will help the curls hold better.
  • Apply bobby pins or hair clips to save the curls in place as they cool.
  • Use a light-hold hair spray to help the curls stay in place.

It may take some practice to get the hang of curling 1C hair, but with patience and the right techniques, you can achieve beautiful curls.


What does 1C hair look like?

1C hair type is a type of hair that is characterized by its medium thickness and its ability to hold a curl well. It is generally thicker than 1B hair and tends to be more dense and full-bodied. 

What to consider when using shampoo in 1C hair?

Following be consider when looking for a shampoo for 1c hair type:

  • Moisture
  • Frizz control
  • Sulfate-free
  • Protein

Is 1C hair oily?

It is generally considered to be a type of hair that is between oily and dry. Some people with 1C hair may find that their hair becomes oily more quickly, while others may find it more resistant to oiliness. 


It is a type of plain hair with medium thickness. It is relatively easy to style and care for, and can be maintained with regular trims and the use of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Heat styling should be minimized to help prevent dryness and damage.

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