does hair grow faster in the summer

Does Hair Grow Faster in the Summer?

The growth of hair may be faster in the summer than in other seasons, although the amount of difference is generally small. There are many factors that influence hair growth, including genetics, age, hormones, and overall health.

It is possible for some individuals to notice that their hair seems to grow faster during the summer months, although this can vary from person to person. The rate of hair growth is also fairly constant, so any fluctuations may be subtle and not noticeable from one season to another.

Understanding the Factors of Hair Growth in Summer

1. How Hair Growth Works

Hair growth involves three stages: the anagen stage, catagen stage, and telogen stage. The anagen stage is the active phase of hair growth in which cells within the root of each strand divide rapidly. During this time, a new hair shaft grows from the follicle and pushes up through the scalp surface. This phase typically lasts 2-6 years.

The catagen stage is a transitional period in which the hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the scalp’s dermal layer. This phase lasts around two to three weeks.

Finally, during the telogen stage, hairs that were produced during the anagen phase begin to fall out. This is a normal part of the hair growth cycle, and new hairs will begin to grow in their place. This phase typically lasts around 3-4 months.

The length of each stage may be affected by factors such as changes in hormone levels or seasonal weather conditions. For example, some people report that during the summer, the anagen stage may last for slightly longer periods, leading to faster hair growth. However, this is not always the case and individual results can vary.

The main factor determining hair growth is genetics, so seasonal changes in weather or temperature are unlikely to have much impact. Healthy hair growth can be promoted by taking good care of your hair and scalp.

Maintaining healthy hair also means taking care of yourself. In order for hair to grow well, it is important to consume a balanced diet, exercise regularly, manage stress, and sleep enough. The more frequently you get your hair trimmed, the faster your hair will grow. Regular regular trimming, a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding excessive heat and heat styling can all help promote healthy healthy hair growth. 

2. Factors That Affect Hair Growth

Genetics and hormones play a major role in hair growth. Other factors that can affect hair growth include age, medications, health conditions, stress levels, diet, and lifestyle habits.

Some people may find that certain seasons can have an impact on the rate of their hair growth. For example, some experts believe that warmer temperatures in the summer can cause the anagen phase to last for slightly longer periods, leading to faster hair growth.

However, this is not always the case and individual results may vary. It’s important to note that any fluctuations in hair growth are likely to be subtle and may not be noticeable from one season to the next.

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3. Summer and Hair Growth

It’s common for people to believe that their hair grows faster during the summer months. This is because warmer temperatures can cause the anagen stage of hair growth (the active phase in which cells within the root of each strand divide rapidly) to last for slightly longer periods, leading to faster hair growth.

4. Tips for Promoting Healthy Hair Growth in the Summer

Hair growth is largely determined by genetics and hormones, not by seasonal weather changes.

Taking good care of your scalp and hair is essential to promoting healthy hair growth during the summer months. This means washing your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo, conditioning your strands regularly, using a wide-toothed comb or brush, and avoiding excessive heat styling. Additionally, protecting your hair from the sun’s UV rays by wearing a hat or scarf is also recommended.

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining good overall health can also help to promote healthy hair growth throughout the year. Eating foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, protein, zinc, and iron can help to nourish the scalp and encourage growth. Additionally, exercising regularly and managing stress levels are also important for promoting healthy hair growth.

5. Summer vs. Winter hair growth: which is faster?

The differences in hair growth between winter and summer tend to be subtle, making it difficult to accurately measure them. A few people have reported that the anagen phase of hair growth lasts for longer periods of time during the summer months, resulting in faster hair growth.

Although this may be true for some people, genetics and hormones are still the main factors that determine how quickly your hair grows. Taking good care of your hair and scalp, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing stress levels, and avoiding excessive heat styling can all help to promote healthy hair growth regardless of the season.

Your hair does not only grow faster in Summer due to the heat. We have discovered that blood circulation, vitamin D levels, and exposure also play a role in our health. Our circulatory system is able to move nutrients around the body more freely during warmer weather.

Plus, we will likely get increased sun exposure, which will provide us with Vitamin D which regulates the production of keratin for healthy hair growth. Aside from that, keeping heads uncovered during this season reduces friction on hair, which results in less breakage – all of which contributes to healthier tresses in the summer.

6. What to do if your hair grows faster in the summer

As fluctuations in hair growth are likely to be subtle, it can be difficult to measure them accurately. You can tell whether your hair grows faster during summer by keeping track of its progress over time.

Taking photographs of your hair every month and tracking its length with a measuring tape can help you to better visualize any changes in hair growth. Additionally, using a trichometer (a device designed specifically for measuring hair growth) may provide more accurate results.


Summertime can definitely be a great opportunity to focus on promoting healthy hair growth—but it is important to remember that the best way to keep your hair healthy is to maintain a consistent routine that includes looking after your scalp and strands. With the right care, you’ll be sure to have beautiful tresses no matter what time of year!

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