What is feather in hair trend

What is the feather in hair trend?

In the feather in hair trend, birds’ feathers or any other artificial strands are used to give your hair a stylish look. Feathers are added to one’s natural hair or often made from synthetic materials such as Kanekalon or Toyokalon to achieve a textured Bohemian-inspired look. 

Since the late 2000s, the trend has experienced a resurgence. Feathers are popular among some people for a fun, playful look, while others use them to express their style.

The originators of a feather in hair trend

The originators of Feather hair trend was native Americans or Neanderthals. Various cultural and artistic movements have influenced the trend over the years. Throughout history, various subcultures have used natural elements, such as flowers and feathers, in their hairstyles.

Modern feather hair trends can traced back to the bohemian and hippie subcultures of the 1960s and 1970s. 

People began adding small strands of synthetic hair to their natural hair to create a textured, playful look.

Hair Feather Extensions are Famous Nowadays or Not

Fashion trends remains in and out considering the demand from endusers. So the feather hair trend has increased  in recent years. Now, it has gain popularity since Jan 2022 as in many salons demand of feather in hair trend increased.

Fashion trends are casual and can differ greatly from one individual or location to another. What is famous in one area or time may not be popular in another area or time. So, the decision to the feather hair trend, will be based on a person’s  own style and preferences.

Can We Wear Hair Feathers Style at Home Easily?

Yes, it is possible to wear and make a feathered hairstyle at home. For creating a feathered hairstyle at home, you should have feather hair extensions. i.e small strands.

You must adhere to these procedures in order to make a feathery hairdo at home.:

1. Gather your Tools:

You will need to use small beads or ties to fix the feathers to your hair, like any other styling gadgets or products you will need hair clips, bobby pins, and hairspray.

2. Make sections of hair:

Make or divide your hair into small sections, considering the size of the feather hair extensions you are using.

3. Attach feather extensions:

Attach the feather hair extensions to the sections of hair you have created by using the beads or ties. Make sure to securely attach the extension to prevent them from falling out.

4. Style your hair with extensions:

Once the feather hair extensions are in attached, you can style your hair as you want. You can loose the feathers, braid or style them in any way you want.

5. Use hairspray to Finish:

Use a light fog hairspray to hold your style in place in order to help the feather hair extensions stay in place, .

It is essential to note that making a feathered hairstyle at home may take some practice and patience. Especially if you are new in styling. Assume you are unsure of how to make a particular style. In that instance, seek the assistance of a stylist or ask for help from a friend or family member.

From where we can get hair feathers easily

Beauty supply stores, online retailers, fly-fishing shops and specialty stores that sell hair styling products sell feather hair extensions. Vendors may also sell feather hair extensions at hair salons, festivals, and events.

Look for feather hair extensions near you by searching online or visiting a local beauty supply store and asking if they carry them. Also, you can inquire at local hair salons if they offer feather hair extensions or if you can purchase them.

In addition to finding feather hair extensions locally, you can also purchase them online from a variety of retailers. Feather hair extensions are often available online at competitive prices and in a wide range of colors and styles. Make sure you read reviews before purchasing to make sure you are getting a high-quality item.

Tools need to make feather style

You can use the following tools to create a feathered hairstyle at home:-

1. Extensions of Hair feather:

These are tiny hairpieces made of synthetic or real hair. That are fastened to your hair with ties or beads.

2. Beads and Ties:

You may choose the beads and ties that are suitable for your hair type and desired style because they come in a variety of sizes and materials.

3. Hair clips:

While you work on connecting the feather hair extensions, you can use these to divide your hair into sections and hold each section in place.

4. Bobby pins:

These are used to place the feather hair extensions.

5. Hairspray:

Your feather hairstyle can be kept in place and the feathers from falling out with the help of a light mist of hairspray.

To assist you style your hair as desired, you might also want to have other hair styling equipment on hand, such as a brush or comb. You may require extra tools or materials, such as hair elastics or hot appliances like a curling iron or straightener, depending on the precise feather hairdo you want to create.

Characteristics of hair feather trend or style

There are many characteristics define the feathered hairstyle:-


Small hair strands are added to the natural hair using tiny beads or knots. This will give the feathery hairstyle its characteristically textured, bohemian appearance.

2. Colorful:

Feather hair extensions are frequently brightly colored. The feathered coiffure can include a range of colors, from daring and bright to greater refined shades.

3. Playful

4. Versatile:

They are veratile .This versatility makes it a famous desire for humans who choose to categorical their fashion and creativity. 

5. Temporary:

Feather hair extensions are used for quick period. That makes the feathered in hair trend a correct alternative for humans who desire to strive  a new seem besides committing to a everlasting change. 

Hair feather’s trend for all ages

There is no most age for carrying feather hair extensions or styling your hair in a feathered hairstyle. The feather hair vogue is suitable for human beings of all ages. It can be a exciting and innovative way for human beings of any age to specific their style.

Some human beings can also sense that the feathered coiffure is too playful or youthful for their taste, and that is flawlessly fine. The most necessary issue is to pick a coiffure that makes you experience assured and comfortable, regardless of your age.

How lengthy can feathers be worn in your hair for styling? 

Feathers can be lengthy up to 3-6 months . You may additionally desire to reflect on consideration on the usage of artificial feathers rather of actual feathers, as they are greater long lasting and less complicated to care for.

How to preserve and remove hair feathers and its safety precautions

To retain feather hair extensions, it is vital to manage them gently and keep away from exposing them to warmth or harsh chemicals. Here are some hints for retaining and caring for your feather hair extensions: 

1. Avoid the heat:

Heat can injure feather hair extensions. So it is vital to keep away from the warm equipment like hair dryers, curling irons, or straighteners on them. If you want to fashion your feather hair extensions, attempt the usage of a low-heat putting or enable them to air dry. 

2. Avoid harsh chemicals:

Chemicals such as hair dye and bleach can harm feather hair extensions, so it is vital to keep away from the use of these merchandise on them. If you want to coloration your hair, it is great to cast off the feather hair extensions first and follow the colour to your herbal hair. 

3. Store carefully:

When now not in use, shop your feather hair extensions in a safe, dry region away from direct daylight or heat. Feathers may be avoid from moisture or water.

To remove feather hair extensions, use following steps:

1. Gently loosen the beads or ties:

Using your fingers or a small device like a needle or pin, gently loosen the beads or ties that keep the feather hair extensions in place.

2. Remove the extensions:

Once the beads or ties have loosened, gently slide the feather hair’s extensions out of your hair. Be certain to get rid of all of the beads or ties to keep away from leaving any small portions in the back of in your hair. 

3. Hair to brush:

Use a brush or comb to cast off any tangles or knots from your hair to the areas. 

Safety precautions to keep in mind when wearing feather hair extensions comprise:

1. Avoid overloading your hair:

It is necessary to keep away from attaching too many feather hair extensions to your hair, as this can area too a whole lot weight on your herbal hair and motive it to end up broken or ruin .

2. Secure the extensions properly:

Be certain to securely fasten the feather hair extensions the usage of the beads or ties provided. That will assist to forestall the extension from falling out and inflicting a protection hazard. 

3. Avoid wearing the extensions while participating in activities:

It is great to keep away from sporting feather hair extensions whilst collaborating. This may additionally purpose them to come loose, such as sports activities or different bodily activities. 

4. Keep away from small children:

It is essential to hold the feather hair extensions out of reach from children. They can try to play with them and should by accident swallow the beads or ties. 

FAQs: Feather in Hair Trend

What does it mean to wear a feather in your hair?

Feather in hair trend is like a fashion trend assertion or a way to categorical private style. It can additionally be a way to exhibit grasp or connection to nature or indigenous cultures.

Feather in hair trend started when? 

The feather hair fashion dominated as a remarkable look with icons. These are Disney Channel-era Selena Gomez, Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale, and pop megastar Kesha in the year 2011 and 2012. Nowadays, Tiktok celebrity Addison Rae has also carried this hair in a feather trend. 

Is the feather hair trend famous in the year 2022?

The feather hair fashion has come back in fashion since Jan 2022. Salons broadly are supplying feathers in hairstyles to raise as a fashion.

Is carrying hair feather style more expensive nowadays?

The value of carrying a feathered coiffure can fluctuate extensively relying on a variety of factors. The factors include, the satisfactory and kind of feather hair extensions you purchase, the size and thickness of your hair. Additionally, the complexity of the fashion you are making an attempt to achieve is also a factor.

In general, feather hair extensions have a tendency to be tremendously affordable. In particular when in contrast to different kinds of hair extensions. Synthetic feather hair extensions are regularly much less luxurious than herbal feather hair extensions. They are additionally simpler to care for and maintain.

However, the value of carrying a feathered coiffure can extend if you select to buy great feather hair extensions. It’s value may also extended if you want to have the extensions professionally established or maintained.

Ultimately, the value of carrying a feather hair vogue will rely on your character wants and budget. It is vital to think about these elements when identifying whether or not or now not to make investments.

Conclusion for feather hair trend

Trends and personal fashion choices are subjective and can vary from person to person. Some people may enjoy the playful and colorful appealing of feather hair extensions, while others may not. Ultimately, whether it is right for an individual will depend on their style, taste, and comfort level.

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